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Why can not I attach files to my message?

The ability to add attachments can be granted by forum, group, or user. The administrator may not have allowed adding attachments to the forum in which you are posting, or perhaps only one group can join. Contact the administrator if you do not know why you can not add attachments to a forum.

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Why did I receive a warning?

Each administrator has their own set of rules for their site. If you have departed from a rule, you may receive a warning. Note that this is the administrator’s decision, and the phpBB group is not affected by the warnings of a given site. Contact the administrator if you do not understand the reasons for

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Why am I automatically logged out?

If you do not check the Automatically connect to each visit when you log in check box, you will only be logged in for a specified period of time. This prevents the misuse of your account. To stay connected, check this box when connecting. It is not recommended if you use a public computer to