Create Your Own Mobile App

Are you constantly tinkering with your phone, trying to come up with new ideas to produce your own mobile app? Now that you have a great concept, the next step is how to put it into reality. There are many companies that can help you set up your first app. Atlanta mobile development firms are continuing to grow and adapt to the current market trends. Nowadays, mobile apps are making waves in the technology industry.


Identify your Goal

When creating your mobile app, first thing you should do is to identify your goal. You must clearly indicate the objective of your app. What is the use of the app? How will it help the user? Who is your target market? Answering these questions will help you determine your purpose and goal. Having a concrete plan will guide you in accomplishing your objective versus an idea without a strategy.


Draw your Plan

Writing down or in this case, drawing your concept on paper will serve as your groundwork for your future mobile app. By creating a visual illustration of your concept, you are building the foundation of your software. This step will show how you foresee the look and feel of your app such as the layout, design and features. Your sketch will serve as a reference for the next procedures.


Do your Homework

Once you’ve laid out your initial concept, it’s time to do some research. Check if there are already existing mobile apps that are similar to your idea. You can browse and search in mobile app stores. In case you find any, study their design and features. Get inspiration from it to improve your own model. Know your competitors. Research on the technical aspect and ask for professional advice if needed. Learn how you can make a profit from it and determine the best way to market your product. It is important to identify your target users and how you can reach them.


Create a Wireframe

A wireframe is a prototype of your mobile app. There are many tools online that you can use for your mockup. Try out the different tools and settle for the most practical and user friendly one. When creating your wireframe, map out a storyboard so you can have a clear picture on how the user will go through your app per screen. This will help you identify missing links or steps in your app.


Sketch the Back End

Moving on from your wireframe and storyboard, you must next create the back end structure of your mobile app. Make a draft of your diagrams, servers and other data. This too, will serve as a reference for your developer.


Test your App

Review your prototype. Show this to several people including friends and IT experts. Instruct them to go through the mobile app step by step. Ask them for their opinion and suggestions on how you can improve your app. The purpose is to identify possible loopholes and modify them before finalizing the output. It is easier to alter your design in this stage before it actually goes into the design and development process.


Build the Back End

Go back to the back end structure of your app where your developer will set up the servers, database and storage solutions. Discuss the details with your Atlanta mobile development company.


Design your App

Your designer will now create skins which are high resolution versions of your wireframe. Make sure that the design will reflect the changes from the feedback you received.


Test Again

After completing the skins, test your mobile app again. However this time, your mobile app is actually complete. Your users will be able to see, browse and feel your mobile app as it is.


Revise and Improve

After testing your mobile app, try develop your interface based from the results and feedback. Consistently check your app for ways to improve it.


Make it Live

After following all these steps, it’s time to publish your mobile app. Check out the mobile app markets and discuss marketing opportunities with your Atlanta mobile development company.