Software Development: What You Need to Know as an Independent Developer

Are you living in Atlanta and hoping to get into the software development business? Are you planning to be an independent developer? You may want to consider these pieces of advice first before quitting your current job.

Software development in the corporate world has slowly dwindled because it could no longer provide individuals with job security, insurances, and clear-cut career development. This is why if you are in the business, you might be thinking of just going solo. And why not? The demand for people with great programming skills is still extremely great.

An independent software developer may live a great career life. That is not to say, however, that going solo can have its setbacks. Let’s be honest here. Any start up business will face some challenges along the way. Even the most successful companies still experience some obstacles. This is why before you go independent, you should prepare and plan well.

Here are some tips to think about if you want to put up your own software development business.


  1. Think and Plan

If you currently have a job, do not quit immediately. Creating your own business isn’t a spur of the moment endeavor. You need to be completely certain first that this is what you want to be doing. Ask yourself why you want to put up your own business. Write down your reasons so you can get back to them. This will help a lot especially if you are feeling the stress of putting up your own business. It will remind you why you are taking this leap.

What are your short term goals? What are the long term ones? Make sure that your long term goals are reasonable enough to be met especially if you are putting up an independent software development business in Atlanta. This is to be sure that you will not be frustrated if the goals aren’t met in an instant.

Plan ahead. Do not quit your job and then plan. You need to strategize your business before leaving your current work. Your business should not just be constricted to your current job description. List down other skills you have in relation to software development and what else you would like to learn and acquire. Also, think of ways on how you can draw clients to your business. People should be clamoring for your services that you cannot accommodate everybody.


  1. Versatility

You should be skilled in many different fields. This is in relation to what was mentioned about going beyond your current job description. As an independent software developer, there may be times that you have to do more than one task. This is why you have to be able to do every single field attached to software development. If you are starting, this is particularly important. Later on, if you have more money, you may hire a freelance employee that can do a specific task to make your load lighter.


  1. Quality of Service

To attract more clients, you need to be able to provide a quality service. If your first client is greatly satisfied with your output, chances are that individual or company will hire you again for future projects or even better, refer you to friends who are in need of software development services. Be consistent in your job and offer top quality results. This is the best recipe for success.

Starting up an independent software development business in Atlanta can be extremely challenging. But nothing is impossible with good planning, hard work and consistency.